How it works

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email on how to get your inclusions to me. Currently you may mail them to me or drop off locally. 

After we have received your inclusions I safely store them until time to work on your order. For milk I need 10 ml per piece ordered. For ashes I need one teaspoon per piece ordered. For flowers I need 2-3 petals per piece ordered.  

Preserving the milk

Each milk is heated to kill any bacteria and then mixed with a special preservation powder. The powder turns the milk into a paste and also adds a white color. The paste is placed on parchment paper to dry for 48 hours. 

After the milk is dried it is ground by hand using a pestle and mortar. Grinding turns the milk back into a powder form. I then use this powder to make your customized stone. 

Finally, your jewelry is ready to be received. You can pick up locally, pay for shipping, or have your piece delivered to you locally (extra fee).